Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mountain Home to Twin Falls

Today was long with a fair bit of climbing but we were forecast Westerly winds to take some of the sting out of it
We went to bed in the daylight and got up in the dark for a 5:30 breakfast.  I got my cases in the van and set off at 6:10 to a very pretty sky.
I was motoring by my standards today and hit the first SAG stop in less than 2 hours, averaging nearly 15 mph and passing a very nice motel on the way.

My route sheet told me we would pass through the town of Bliss but guess which way we had to go?
They always take us off the Interstate where possible so King Hill here we come!

This road was either aptly named or someone had some strange ideas of where to have their holiday

I wish I had known this place existed when I was in Boise or I would have paid a visit.
And it is always good to get ideas about gifts to take back for dear relatives.
(Note the 'helmet hair')
No,that is not a petrified watermelon underneath my shirt!!!!!!
As we headed towards the second sag, my speed had slowed due to several gradients (including King Hill).
There were 37 miles left (or in my case 38 as I was daydreaming and missed a turn!!). The 20 or so to the 90 mile point were made hard by a bit of a gradient and a wind that kept shifting around.  3 of us stopped for a drink at Subway where I discovered that  diet coke had the ability to give me wings.  I suddenly ahd the same enrgy I had at the beginning which was a wonderful surprise and fairly flew into town. I stopped to take some photos of the magnificent gorge just before twin Falls.
Yes, for the eagle eyed among you, that is a golf course down there and this is the bridge I had to cycle over!
Lastly, some of the guys invented a new stretching exercise.

Today's Stats:
Distance - 98 miles
Climbing - 2350 feet
Time in Saddle - 8hrs 24 mins
Average Speed - 11.6 mph

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  1. Hi Ian,

    Your trip sounds great and the pics are wonderful. Looks like your training is paying off, some imprerssive stats and the climbing looks really challenging. Keep it up, and good luck. I'm enjoying hearing about your travels. Cheers, John