Friday, 2 July 2010

Twin Falls to Burley

Just a short one today so I won't bore you with the profile.  We were not loading the van till 08:30 but I was still awake by 6 as I have got so used to early starts.  We were issued with sheets of items to collect for a scavenger hunt which will be judged later.  I suggested we name our team No Fork And Chance which probably sums things up nicely!!!
The route was mainly flat and beside the Interstate so there were few photographic opportunities.
As we have passed huge farms, it has been remarkable to see how farmers have adapted to having to water enormous areas.

Anyway, I was into the hotel early, as was everyone and surprised to discover that i have a room to myself tonight.  I have noidea how that happened but I had better set my alarm so I don't sleep in tomorrow.
Todays Stats:
Mileage - 38
Climbing - 1150 feet (which sounds a lot but is just undulating).

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  1. How come you get two days off in three days? I would have been ashamed to put that one on a blog! Get some proper distance done!