Saturday, 3 July 2010

Burley to Pocatello

We were promised fairly strong tailwinds today and so it proved to be. We cycled along Baseline Road and were able to view Horse Butte as we pedalled along  at a furious rate assisted by the wind.
I thought it did a pretty good impression of Salisbury Crags myself.
Baseline Road was very quiet and proved to be very long and straight as the following pictures show, one taken in each direction.

I was making very good time (for me!) and keeping pace with some riders who were normally way ahead of me and then heard a clang as I went over a bump.  An odd sound persisted and I discovered two spokes had broken yet again.  Of course, I blame the bumpy ground and the regular cattle grids. I limped into the SAG stop and Mike came in and replaced them with the ones I had taped to my bike.  He didn't even complain, a true professional! This meant I was last away so had to go as fast as I could but as we entered the smooth shoulder of the Interstate which was nice and quiet, I was able to pick up plenty speed and got to the next SAG stop in good time.  I had time to see Register Rock whch was signed by some of the early settlers as they passed through.

There was time to stop for a nice scenic view of Snake River
And I was reassured to discover that the residents of the town of American Falls with a bit of a drink problem were fully catered for.
And I also passed one of the more creative farmers who clearly made good use of his downtime.

Yes, that is one of his big sheds!
I had some difficulty with the route sheet and went the wrong way into Pocatello but with the help of a couple of locals, found my way to the hotel which is very comfortable indeed and myself, Ken and Don have a nice and rather enormous suite. We had a good dinner at 6 followed by a bicycle safety clinic which was very useful.  Last photo is my new T shirt purchased from JC Penney for $5.99. Bargain.

Todays Stats
Mileage  - 84
Climbing - 1200 feet
Time in saddle - 6 hrs 10 mins.
Average Speed - 14mph (nearly)

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