Monday, 19 July 2010

Day 29. Sioux Falls to Worthington

We breakfasted first then loaded the truck at 7am.  The sky was full of foreboding and we were told that there was a 30% chance of rain.  The rain arrived within a few minutes of setting off and I was glad I had put on my rear crud catcher. The rain continued for the best part of two hours and caused some accidents.  Three riders went down while crossing some railroad tracks which cut across the road at an angle and had become very slippery.  Fortunately, no-one was hurt seriously.  After about 10 miles, we were able to stop at the falls after which Sioux Falls is named.
I had become used to some interestingly named Counties but this one was the best yet!
The terrain was not nearly as bad as it appeared to be on the profile but we did have a SouthEasterly wind to contend with which became stronger as the day went on.  This slowed me down a bit but also had an excellent cooling effect.  My cycle computer began to show temperatures in the 80's but it felt nothing like that. At 25 miles we crossed into Minnesota, our 5th State so far.
We passed through the town of Luverne which seems to be in a wealthy part of the State, judging by some of the properties in the area.

The staples here appear to be corn and pigs.  I was unable to recreate the smell of the pig farms we passed today (well, on the blog anyway!!!!!) but corn was in evidence as far as the eye could see.
As we neared Worthington (not the beer), I passed the local baronial hall, complete with suit of armour and modesty flag!!  Maybe that is the final resting place of the Holy Grail.
I found today to be hugely enjoyable.  Not too long and not too hilly and the early morning rain reminded me of home.  I didn't bother with a jacket and by the time I was at our destination I was completely dry.
Today's Stats.
Mileage - 71
Climbing - 1300 feet
Time in saddle - 6 hrs
Average Speed - 11.8 mph

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