Saturday, 10 July 2010

Casper to Lusk

Today was going to be a long day so I was up about 5am and first in line for loading the van at 05:45.  Breakfast followed shortly after and I was on the road by 06:10.  This was last nights evening meal, called a river burger and is allegedly Elk/Moose meat with sweet potato fries. It was very good.
As I cycled out of Casper, I was amused by this place.  Do the dogs wash themselves here?

As I entered the countryside, I found a farm which was clearly owned by a rather cantankerous individual.
And the powers that be felt the need to describe that which was blindingly obvious!!

See what I mean??
I saw my first live snake and had to swerve to avoid it.
A passing local told me it was a Bull snake which is not poisonous.
The first 29 miles to the SAG stop were a pleasure as there were no huge hills and the temperature stayed quite low.
I was surprised to discover that there had been a Prisoner of war camp in the town of Douglas.
Further into Douglas, I met the famous Jackelope.
And found a numbered train for David.
We had clearly arrived at the White Wolf Saloon in Douglas a day too early.

Although there was another option, I did wonder how many people had followed the sign literally!
I got to the second SAG at 65 miles having averaged just over 13 mph to that point despite the really bad shoulders on the road. The 22 miles to the last SAG I found to be more difficult as there seemed to be more uphill work, though I was briefly distracted by the huge conurbation of Lost Springs.
After the third SAG I felt rejuvenated though had to keep an eye on the sky which was very dark to our right. It moved to our left and there was quite a bit of lightning though it seemed a long way off. The wind shifted though and it started to head in our direction so we were instructed to head for a truck stop to shelter. I met some bikers there.  Check out this $30000.00 machine.

The other bikers had a bit of a revfest before they left.

Once it was safe to leave the truck stop, I hoofed it into Lusk in time to have a shower and watch the annual parade.  Not the most politically correct parade I have ever seen as the local youth had daubed themselves in red dye of some sort to impersonate the native Americans.
The parade was most entertaining but I was amazed by the age of some of the tractor drivers!!

Another early night tonight as we have a 92 mile jaunt tomorrow.
Just ignore the video below, I don't know how to delete it!
Today's Stats
Mileage - 106
Climbing - 2550 feet
Time in Saddle - 8 hrs 10 mins
Average Speed - 13mph

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  1. Thanks for the number but David has this one already - seen any others on your travels???!!