Sunday, 11 July 2010

Lusk to Hot Springs

Theoretically, today should have been relatively easy as we started at 5014 feet and finished at 3443 feet.  However, life is never so simple and there was more climbing than yesterday. More of that later.
The first 35 miles were marvellous and even having had to climb a bit out of Lusk, I had averaged better than 13 mph by the SAG stop and the scenery was improving as a bonus.
I wonder if this is what 'The Big Hill' at Whitehills once looked like??

Then there was the obligatory historical marker and some cows who seemed remarkably interested in our progress but who hadn't worked out how to cross the grid.
I found an interesting ranch and wondered what they did there?
I was very surpprised to see that I had cycled farther than I thought I had!

And I was surprised to see that our local brewery had sponsored a road!!

Anyway, as we turned at the 46 mile mark, a light headwind developed which slowed me down a little but I was still happy with my progress as I arrived at the state marker for South Dakota. I managed to get rid of the helmet hair in time for the photo!  It also appears that someone has taken pot shots at the sign.

The second SAG was at 68 milesand there was then a 4 mile ascent of about 1100 feet to contend with. It was a struggle getting to the top but I was theen rewarded with a nice fast downhill but as I turned the corner at the bottom with about 17 miles to go, I was given a big slap by a very strong headwind which at times slowed me down to 7 mph. I got to the top of the second climb just before Hot Springs and looked back at the attractive countryside I had cycled through.
I finally arrived at the hotel to discover we were in the poshest district in Hot Springs as you can see from my bedroom window!
Today's Stats.
Mileage - 93
Climbing 2660 feet
Time in Saddle - 8hrs 15 mins
Average Speed - 11.2 mph 

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