Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Jackson Hole to Dubois (pronounced Duboyz)

I knew today was going to be quite a day but the unexpected was very unexpected.  We were heading for the Continental Divide and the Togwotee pass which peaks at 9658 feet so we had a bit less climbing than yesterday and not so severe but it was pretty much all in one go! Breakfast was available early in the hotel with another option in Jackson Hole for the meat eaters.after loading the van at 06:45.
It was rather a scenic day and I took 56 photos but don't worry, I will only post a selection.  First was a cracking motor tricycle parked at the hotel which would be a tremendous way to see the area.
Then we cycled into Jackson Hole, definitely worth a visit and found that they had park entrances made from antlers.
As I moved my bike from against the fence, I bashed the wheel against it and broke another bloody spoke.
Jim, our faithful mechanic came to the rescue and had me sorted in no time. Here are a few more pics of Jackson.

I eventually entered the Grand Teton National Park and got a good view of the Tetons on my left.
Everything was only slightly uphill untill the 38 mile mark when things began to get a bit more vertical. We started a 10 mile climb to about 8500 feet although at the SAG stop there was a loud cheer when it was announced that there were major roadworks which meant we would have to be shuttled to the top.  The really disappointing aspect to this was that we could not stop on the summit as no cycling was allowed through the construction. I was lucky and got in the ABB van but Ellen (onn the left) got the rough end of the stick

I enjoyed the available downhill and stopped at a cafe for a bowl of tomato and basil soup which is pronounced tomayto and baysil in these parts.  The toilet walls had some interesting adornments and I am not sure I would fancy sleeping in a grizzly cabin!!!

I thought that putting the ATM inside was a nice touch.
We then had a stinker of a head wind for the last 20 miles but made it to Dubois which is an amazing little place.  We found the local pub, surprise, surprise.
Theye even sold Guinness and had a nice line in trophies!!!
Lastly,some local entertainment.

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  1. Keep pedalling Ian Well Done. John Rhind thinks your mad!

    Captain Gordon