Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Decent Week

My last update was slightly late so this one is back on schedule. 207 miles cycled since last Thursday including a gardening day on Saturday and golf yesterday (back 9, 2 over par which is definitely classified as 'No Bad'. This included a monster drive on the 18th of close to 290 yards which is substantially better than 'No Bad' and could possibly be classified as 'Jings, Crivvens, Help m'Boab, My Goodness Me'). I have also lost 8-9 lbs in weight which seems to be coming off my stomach. There has been quite a bit of wind about (The weather mainly!) so my average speed has dropped a bit. I did 59 miles on Monday in very windy conditions so was pleased to average 11mph. Today I set off along the Hadrian Cycleway which runs along the Tyne River. By the time I got to Ovington it had begun to rain. This was coming from the West and looked like getting worse so I exited North and climbed from Wylam to Harlow Hill without going lower than 3rd gear which pleased me a lot. Just the 37 miles which now feels just like a morning stroll. How times have changed! As the weight comes off the hill climbing should get easier. I really regret not getting an exercise cycle for the winter as there are 7 weeks to go. I received the final 'Joining Instructions' from America By Bicycle this week and began to feel some fear and trepidation. Anyway, loins have been suitably girded and I need to be doing 250-350 miles per week from now on in. Fortunately, it is light till gone 8pm now so no excuses, I must cycle 6 days a week or 8 out of every 9 days.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Continued Improvement

196 miles this week so very much on schedule. I was particularly pleased with last Sunday's 50 mile run as I averaged 12mph for the first time. In fairness, it was a calm day which seems to make all the difference as no matter how much psychological benefit I get from the wind being with me, when it is against me, it slows me down much more than I gain the other way. I had a bit of a scare on Wednesday as I pulled my lower back whilst playing golf. (Yes, a day off cycling means playing golf, can't be bad!!!). I came in after 9 holes, took a couple of Ibuprofen tabs and read a book. I had a couple of twinges the next day (62 mile run) but found if I stopped and had a couple of minutes rest, the feeling went away and all seems well now. Long may it continue.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Three Week's Worth

The first week following my last post was a non-event. I was at a Royal Doulton fair in Stafford over the weekend which included the obligatory Sunday morning dehydration!!!, then the rest of the week's weather was hellish so I did a grand total of 0 miles. The following week involved 4 days work at Harrogate so I managed 85 mostly very hilly miles. Last week was much better with a total of 162. This would have been much more as I set off to cycle to Beadnell and back on Thursday morning which would have been a round trip of 112 miles all by itself. It was so cold, mainly due to a North wind, that I did 16 miles and couldn't stand it any longer. by that time my knees were purple and I couldn't feel my feet which kind of took the fun out of it a little. This morning I got up intending to use up quite a bit of tread and found I had a puncture in my back tyre. This surprised me a little as my Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres (as used by that chap from my home town who cycled round the world then North to South America) are fairly indestructible. I found the pin prick, repaired it and checked the inside of the tyre, finding nothing sharp. I replaced the tube and promptly had another puncture. This time I found the offending sharp bit, a tiny nail which had gone right through the thick protection underneath the tread. Anyway, I am hoping the weather keeps up so I can breach the 200 barrier again this week. It's Friday night so time for a beer!