Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Decent Week

My last update was slightly late so this one is back on schedule. 207 miles cycled since last Thursday including a gardening day on Saturday and golf yesterday (back 9, 2 over par which is definitely classified as 'No Bad'. This included a monster drive on the 18th of close to 290 yards which is substantially better than 'No Bad' and could possibly be classified as 'Jings, Crivvens, Help m'Boab, My Goodness Me'). I have also lost 8-9 lbs in weight which seems to be coming off my stomach. There has been quite a bit of wind about (The weather mainly!) so my average speed has dropped a bit. I did 59 miles on Monday in very windy conditions so was pleased to average 11mph. Today I set off along the Hadrian Cycleway which runs along the Tyne River. By the time I got to Ovington it had begun to rain. This was coming from the West and looked like getting worse so I exited North and climbed from Wylam to Harlow Hill without going lower than 3rd gear which pleased me a lot. Just the 37 miles which now feels just like a morning stroll. How times have changed! As the weight comes off the hill climbing should get easier. I really regret not getting an exercise cycle for the winter as there are 7 weeks to go. I received the final 'Joining Instructions' from America By Bicycle this week and began to feel some fear and trepidation. Anyway, loins have been suitably girded and I need to be doing 250-350 miles per week from now on in. Fortunately, it is light till gone 8pm now so no excuses, I must cycle 6 days a week or 8 out of every 9 days.

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