Friday, 16 April 2010

Three Week's Worth

The first week following my last post was a non-event. I was at a Royal Doulton fair in Stafford over the weekend which included the obligatory Sunday morning dehydration!!!, then the rest of the week's weather was hellish so I did a grand total of 0 miles. The following week involved 4 days work at Harrogate so I managed 85 mostly very hilly miles. Last week was much better with a total of 162. This would have been much more as I set off to cycle to Beadnell and back on Thursday morning which would have been a round trip of 112 miles all by itself. It was so cold, mainly due to a North wind, that I did 16 miles and couldn't stand it any longer. by that time my knees were purple and I couldn't feel my feet which kind of took the fun out of it a little. This morning I got up intending to use up quite a bit of tread and found I had a puncture in my back tyre. This surprised me a little as my Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres (as used by that chap from my home town who cycled round the world then North to South America) are fairly indestructible. I found the pin prick, repaired it and checked the inside of the tyre, finding nothing sharp. I replaced the tube and promptly had another puncture. This time I found the offending sharp bit, a tiny nail which had gone right through the thick protection underneath the tread. Anyway, I am hoping the weather keeps up so I can breach the 200 barrier again this week. It's Friday night so time for a beer!

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