Thursday, 25 March 2010

Getting Stronger

Week 3 of my schedule was interfered with by 4 days work so I only managed 100 miles. I made up for it this week though by breaching the 200 mile barrier even with 2 rest days. Most pleasing was an increase in average speed of 11.6 mph over 56 miles on Tuesday. I definitely feel stronger and although I can feel it in my legs when walking up stairs, once I am on the bike this seems to disappear. I actually got blown off the bike on a particularly windy day. Fortunately, I was going up a hill, cycling partially into a southerly breeze when there was a gap in the hedge that was giving me some shelter. A gust of wind took my wheels from under me and luckily, I managed to get one cleat out of the pedal before going down. It was a quiet country road so no-one saw me and no injuries. Phew!!
Anyway, my plan is 2500 more miles before I go so I hope the weather is ok tomorrow.
Saturday and Sunday are enforcd non-cycling days as I am off to Stafford for a Royal Doulton fair.
Total mileage so far = 605.

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