Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

To echo the words of the late John Denver.
Several days of sunny but cold weather has accelerated the training and I have completed 156 miles in the past week over 5 cycling days, so mission accomplished. Mrs P has made me buy some Man Moisturising Cream in case my face gets covered in broken veins by the exposure to our climate. (Personally, I thought it was the exposure to Talisker or indeed any other Malt that was responsible but what do I know?). For all you metrosexuals out there, I have purchased Lacura from Aldi (surprise surprise) for a wallet shattering £1.99. If i start to look younger I will let you know. I have been having a look at the route of the Northern Rock Cyclone cycling event. It seems suitably hilly and once I have several hundred more miles in my legs, I will give it a go. Fingers crossed for continued good weather. I was going to have a day off tomorrow but sunshine is again forecast so it would be a shame not to go out. I haven't had to resort to the udder cream as yet so clearly Mr Brooks's leather saddle is doing a fine job. I think I will give it a try without the padding (but not too far, just in case). I am going to indulge in some self punishment this evening by watching Scotland's friendly with the Czech republic. I fear the worst but, being a Scot, hope springs eternal.

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