Sunday, 28 February 2010

That's a bit more like it!

At last, a break in the weather - sort of - I managed to get out last Thursday and did 18 miles around Ponteland and Westerhope and again today for 33 miles. I didn't mind cycling out to the coast with the wind in my face as I knew it would be with me on the way back. The prevailing wind here is usually from the West so this made a nice change. I stopped at Tynemouth for a coffee and was tempted by some hot do'nuts. Delicious I must say. Then onwards to Seaton Sluice, back to Seaton Delaval then a right turn to Cramlington and Seaton Burn via Arcot Hall (and a very large puddle in the road that I nearly went swimming in), then through Wideopen and home. Unfortunately, the heavens opened as I approached East Cramlington so I applied my NPIA shower cap over my helmet and was mostly dry when I got home. Thanks to Mr A. Perry Esq for that innovation! I have been pleasantly surprised by most motorists keeping a safe distance but nearly got wiped out when a tosser in a van decided to cut across the front of me at a small roundabout. I thought back to my time working with the maintenance men at Croda in Edinburgh and supplied said driver with one or two oaths I suspect he had never heard before and probably didn't understand anyway.
The forecast is dry for the next few days,(it was for today as well!) so I look forward to 3 days in the saddle (udder cream anyone) and getting past my 150 mile target for this week.

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