Friday, 12 March 2010

An interesting week

Well, I had 86 miles under my belt over the weekend and on Monday decided to explore some of the 'Cyclone' route (by car with bike in the back). Oh dear, the first hill that actually had a sign telling me how steep it was said 20%. That is almost vertical! I came upon several similar offerings and eventually stopped at a tiny hamlet called Netherwitton. I got the bike out and by the time I had done a couple of miles I had to get off and push the bike up a shortish but incredibly steep hill. By the time I had done 4 miles, I came upon a very long steep downhill section that I knew I could not cycle back up so I turned around, having taken 30 minutes to get there. I got back in a mere 16 minutes including clocking 34mph down the section I had to push the bike up! I was working on Tuesday so on Wednesday I drove to Amble and did the 44 mile return trip to Beadnell at an average speed of 11mph though at least I stayed on the bike all the way!. That makes 140 for the week so I am a little below target caused by the Netherwitton adventure. I stayed off today as it was too wet and will make up for it over Saturday and Sunday both of which have a better forecast and higher temperatures. I am working at Harrogate next week so will be confined to the gym until next weekend.

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