Friday, 30 July 2010

Port Huron to London, Ontarion Canada.

Today was a well organised morning to say the least as we had to cross from the U.S.A to Canada. We loaded by 6.30am and were all lined up waiting for the expected off at 07:20. It was a beautiful morning, lovely and cool and we all wore our ABB jerseys as the officials were closing the bridge to other traffic so we could ride across unhindered.

We had a marvellous ride over the bridge which was a bit of a dress rehearsal for our arrival in Portsmouth, I reckon and there was something terribly emotional about 50 plus cyclists in the same shirts riding together.
My last Canada experience was a great one so I wondered if this would be the same?
We had a bit of a detour courtesy of Jeff to meet his Mum and see what the underside of the bridge looked like.  I saw this and it reminded me of Neil Young's album 'War' and the song 'Flags of Freedom'.
I found that the Canadian countryside reminded me of Wisconsin in that people take pride in the presentation of their properties be they farms, or houses with huge gardens.
I did think that planting a seed in a disused silo was an interesting way of training a tree?
Perhaps this family was responsible?
And this is where they appear to live!

What was that I was saying about nice houses? Shortly after, I was flagged down by a resident who was curious about all the cyclists in matching shirts who had gone past his house. This was swiftly followed by a motorist and both wished us a warm welcome to Canada and good luck for the ride - nice.
We then passed through the town of Strathroy and I concurred with the local golf club's views on how to enjoy the summer weather.
No,it bloody well doesn't!!!
I could happily become a member of the Optimist Club.
I then spent some time looking for the pessimist club but couldn't find it.  I suppose the residents thought it was a waste of time and would have little support.!!!!!!!!!!
Now, cyclists do wear some odd gear from time to time but I had not realised that we had members of the Bolshoi Ballet in our midst!!!
A picture of sartorial elegance or an audition for 'Men in Tights'?  You decide!! Actually, they are for protction from the sun.  Would I be seen wearing them?  You decide?
After arriving safely at our hotel and showering etc, my attention was drawn to the local opportunities for a bit of relaxation.  There was no menu on the door so I went to the 'Hustler Pool Club' for a beer instead!
And I was glad I did as I met the owner of this rather tasty Harley inside and we had some good craic which caused me to miss Rap. 
Today was a bit longer than planned because of some unexpected road construction but was a pretty easy day with few hills (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay).
Today's Stats.
Mileage - Intended 80.Actual 88
Climbing - 1500
Time In Saddle 6 hrs 45 mins
Average Speed - 13 mph

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