Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wall to Pierre

We were up with the larks and loaded the van at 05:15 and I was on the road after breakfast at 05:50 to the sun trying to break through the clouds.

I was making good speed and passed a trading post that looked like it wasn't doing too much trading.

I arrived at the first SAG having averaged nearly 14 mph and having thoroughly enjoyed the ride.  I stopped for a short a time as I could and headed out to do the next 26 miles.  The terrain was slightly more undulating but I got to the SAG with my speed only having reduced slightly and having passed some very interested spectators.

We had been travelling due East all this time and had the benefit of a very strong and blustery WestNorthWesterly blowing across us to keep us cool and behind to help us along.  After the SAG  we unfortunately turned North and into the teeth of a gale.  My average speed reduced to between 5 and 6 miles an hour and our route North was to last 22 miles.  After many miles of pain, thankfully, we turned West again for the last 40 miles and had the wind fully behind us this time.
I passed the local international airport.
And then found where the local Gents spend their spare time!!!
I wonder how many varmints there are to hunt???
As we cycled into Pierre, I saw that the song about the Missouri River was very accurate.

They must have known I was coming as the hotel had Iced tea, Iced water and cans of Miller Lite on ice waiting for us.  Guess which I had? Correct!! Evening meal was at the China Buffet which was very good.
A bit of a lie in tomorrow as breakfast is at 6 with van loading at 6.30.
Today's Stats
Mileage - 117
Climbing - 3000
Time in Saddle - 11:05
Average Speed - 10.6mph

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