Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Dubois to Riverton

The van was loaded at 06:45 and I decided to skip breakfast as it meant going 2 miles or so in the opposite direction.  My breakfast consisted of Gatorade and a couple of protein bars consumed over the first 20 miles of cycling and that did the job perfectly.  Today was a joy to be out although very cold to begin with.  We soon came upon some wonderful scenery and it was a bit like riding through the set of a cowboy movie.

There was a light headwind which didn't impede progress very much and the temperatures, which started in the 40's began to rise but still remained nicely cool.  There was some history on the way to stop and read about.
And if you have ever wondered what a Butte looks like, here it is.
At the 41 mile mark there was a rest area with 'facilities' which was well timed and I hooked up with 4 other riders there and we formed a paceline which made the next 13 miles to the SAG stop go much more quickly.
The gent directly in front of me cycling on the white line is Howard and he is 79.  Look on in wonder!!
What a guy.
We later passed a very quaint little church.
And then pulled into the town of Kinnear (Pop 44!).
If I had had enough time, I would have sought out the Hibbee who had obviously taken up residence there.
We pulled into Riverton after the last 6 miles being all downhill and Dan made me go to Dairy Queen for an ice cream.   Having experienced that once, I can tell you that it may not be my last visit there!!!
Tomorrow is a monster day of 120 miles before a day off so a very early night is in prospect tonight and some beer is in prospect tomorrow night if the pubs are still open when I arrive..
Today's Stats.
Mileage - 79.4
Climbing - 1250 feet
Time in saddle - 6 hrs 14 mins
Average Speed - 12.7 mph


  1. When I read your blog posts, I can hear your voice and your awesome Scottish accent. So glad to know you and ride with you!

  2. Do post the picture of the 'Gers fan who has taken up residence in this area to cause such upset. Or perhaps the ST had fallen off the front of the sign. Good luck and keep pedaling.