Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Day 31 Mankato to Rochester.

Another century day today with breakfast at 6 and loading at 6.30.  We had a lot more climbing to contend with today so I could have used an earlier start. We had a stinker of a climb right out of the front door of the hotel which lasted just under 1000 yards but had some 14% gradient in it.  After climbing that very slowly indeed, I came upon the first take away homes business I had ever seen!
Bring your own trailer!!!
Once again we were surrounded by fields of corn although because we were traversing rolling hills, the scenery was more interesting.  The first SAG was at 32 miles opposite a big lake in the town of Waseca.

I met some curious horses with a foal

I had teamed up with Gerrard(from Arkansas) who was having a slow day and we forced our way over the rollers and were glad to get to the second SAG at 69 miles for a breather.  Just prior to that we had stopped in the town of Medford which seemed to be meticulously maintained by the residents and met some really friendly people at the local store who were very interested in what we were doing. 
The road conditions had been hellish all day and this was the best one I found.

Car back!!!
We then passed a car that appeared to have been used in a Demolition Derby.

After another coupleof steep climbs, we finally got to our destination and a friendly face gave me the heads up that it was happy hour and there were Horses Doofers in the bar.  The perfect end to my ride!!

91 miles tomorrow with weather forecast dreadful and headwinds.
Today's Stats
Mileage - 101
Climbing - 2400 feet
Time in saddle - 8hrs 30 mins
Average speed - 11.8 mph

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