Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 25. Pierre to Chamberlain

Today was the half way point in both days and mileage.  Breakfast was available in the hotel from 6 and van loading was at 6:30.  The first section was delightful being mainly downhill and I arrived in good time.
Duke the three legged dog was there as he is every year apparently and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the extra attention encouraging people to throw his can so he could go and collect it.

I found a field of very tall wheat!!

The Scots had clearly been to the town of Fort Thompson.

I particularly liked the Saltire in the top left of the shield.
We continued to cycle along the banks of the Missouri which gave some magnificent views.

Although there were several stiff hills to climb en route.

The last one, was particularly hard but that may have been to do with a combination of tiredensss and heat as my cycle computer showed 109 degrees at the top.  The final descent into Chamberlain was marred by lots of cracks in the road making it very bumpy but I got in without breaking any more spokes.
Today's Stats.
Mileage - 84
Climbing - 2500 feet
Time in Saddle - 7 hours 8 mins
Average Speed - 11.8 mph

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