Sunday, 4 July 2010

Pocatello to Idaho Falls

We had a late start this morning and a very pleasant day in the saddle, passing through rural (and flat) Idaho.  I was surprised in what I thought was horse and cattle country to see that some diversification had taken place.
I am not sure if they are Alpacas or Llamas.  The horse in the background looks like it took it's owner on a daily trip to McDonalds.  Some of the roads we travelled on were very like yesterdays with big cracks every few yards so I kept my speed down to minimise the effect of the bumps and it seemed to work as I got in without breaking any more spokes.  I came upon a herd of cows who seemed to enjoy having a paddle and were also a bit curious about what was happening on the other side of the fence.

I am sure that ZZ Top must live here.
And it looks like the Sheriff lives just around the corner.
I wondered how long this truck had been available?
As I neared the end of today's journey, I discovered where that fizzy tasteless stuff that is passed off as beer is made.
I have just discovered that it is possible to upload videos so here is a short clip of Idaho Falls
It had been a great and easy ride so once we had got showered, a few of us headed to the Brownstone Brewpub for a bite to eat and an ale.
Steve couldn't make his mind up so had one of everything! He'd a good right to look pleased with himself.
Here is where they brew the beer (or used to)

We have a big day tomorrow with 5500 feet of climbing so it is 5:15 for loading the van (for the slowest of us) and breakfast at 5:30.
They really do think of everything here.  Still, running out of toilet paper can be a traumatic experience!!!
Today's Stats
Mileage - 65
Climbing - 760 feet
Time in saddle - 4hrs 50 mins
Average Speed - 13.3 mph

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