Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day 38. Mount Pleasant to Birch Run

We awoke to strong SSW winds which had us excited as it was looking like a tailwind all the way.  Unfortunately, after 2 miles we turned South and had to endure 24 miles of headwinds. Damn!!!  On the positive side, the wind kept us pretty cool.  I keep seeing things in front gardens with for sale signs on, too many to photograph, and occasionally houses 'for sale by owner', usually with a nice printed sign.  I wonder how long this one has been on the market?

I cycled past another 'farm' where the cattle did not have the benefit of grass to eat and appeared to be squashed in to the pens. Clearly, feeding America's waddling population at the likes of Perkins, the Ponderosa and the many others like them takes precedence over the treatment of animals.

After 18 miles, I was somewhat taken aback when I discovered a little bit of the Mother Country in the middle of Michigan!!!

I am very glad I picked this jersey today.  I had to enlist the aid of the greenkeeper who was cutting the green behind me to take my photo.  When I told him I was Scottish his expression was remarkable and he shook my hand!!  It turns out that Alma has an annual Highland Games with over 30 pipe bands attending.
It has been nice to see a change in crops being grown but I thought that this was particularly unusual!!
As I got a bit further on, I wondered if the residents were aware that the Civil War ended some time ago?

The last miles seemed to go on forever but I arrived eventually.  What had promised to be a really easy day was far from difficult but made longer because of the wind.  Things look more promising tomorrow, especially after a visit to this shop next to the hotel!!!

Today's Stats.
Mileage - 77(due to detour)
Climbing - 625 feet
Time In Saddle - 5 hours 38 mins
Average Speed - 13.6 mph

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