Saturday, 24 July 2010

Day 34. Wisconsin Dells to Fond Du Lac.

Wisconsin Dells best Western is a place to be avoided at all costs.  Our room backed on to the pool area and there did not appear to be any kind of curfew in place.  We got to sleep eventually but were woken about 3am by some kind of domestic dispute in progress which carried on in the room directly above ours.  Suffice it to say that the offenders may have had an early morning alarm call that they had not requested!!!!!
After a quick breakfast, we set off through the very pleasant Wisconsin countryside and I spotted this rather oddly named road which reminded me of my previous occupation!!!.
I then passed this heavily guarded house and had to go full speed ahead in case the dog jumped the fence and chased me!!!!!

I got to the SAG  which was rather picturesque.

I then discovered that the local American Legion had an interesting way of dealing with kids who misbehave!

I wasn't feeling particularly peckish so just carried on and discovered  how Mike fills in his spare time between photographing cyclists.

Nice swing!!!
I could quite fancy doing this trip again with the aid of the internal combustion engine and wondered what it would be like to drive one of these?

After a fairly early arrival (by my standards), I headed to the laundromat which just happened to be attached to a bar and found that several of my cycling colleagues had beaten me to it!

Out of consideration for the welfare of the other persons in the bar, I decided not to try this !!!
(If you are not from the North-East of England, you won't get that joke!!!)
Today was an excellent day's cycling which had a 15 mile run at the end where I averaged about 18 mph which was a major bonus.  57 miles tomorrow so a small lie in due after a testing few days.
Today's Stats.
Mileage - 83
Climbing - 1400 Feet
Time In saddle - 6hrs, 26 mins.
Average Speed - 12.9 mph

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  1. You seem to be down on comments, so I thought I would just send one to you to prove that someone really is reading your rubbish each day! From the grey of an English summer's Sunday morning, you seem to be getting a little wetter perhaps sooner than anticipated, but that rain does help to keep the body temperature down. You also seem to be the main part holder in 'The Case of the Disappearing Cyclist' depite all the diuretics you keep chucking into your body at days' end! You seem to still be enjoying the ride which by now will be seen by you as a piece of cake. Talking of which, have you tried to explain the locals about proper pies, i.e. meat and potato and cheese and onion etc. and not the things that they call pies. Worth trying for the looks of incredulity on their faces.
    Keep pedalling, Ian. Boat trip nears then that day off in Niagara then you're nearly home.