Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 33. La Crosse to Wisconsin Dells.

Today was nicely broken up into 3 separate segments.
Leg 1 was the standard tarmac roads for 27 miles.  I passed by the local Dentist of choice for those people who need an extraction. The camera didn't focus very well but I am sure you get the idea.
We got to the trailhead of the Elroy Sparta Trail and collected our tickets at the SAG stop, venturing in to the store there.
Now that would make a nice outfit!  My cycle computer had gone completely blank and I suspected that the cause had been yesterday's torrential rain so I took the battery out and left the back off, hoping that the air would dry it out and it would function again.  It was just as well that we were on the trail for 34 miles as I would have been bound to get lost otherwise.
We then travelled 10 miles up what had been the original railway line to our first of three tunnels.  This tunnnel was quite long and had taken the railroad workers three years to complete.  We were not allowed to cycle through as it was pitch black and had to walk.

I am afraid that my poor little camera was not up to the job on this occasion.
We briefly passed through the town of Wilton before rejoining the trail and I was intrigued by the choice of local building materials!

I then crossed over this river but could not find one to kick.  To be honest, with sandals on, I probably wouldn't have bothered anyway.

When I got to the second SAG, I was delighted to find after putting the battery back in, that my computer was working again so I was hopful of finding my way to the destination without going the wrong way.  I was amused by a couple of mailboxes on the way.
Unfortunately, neither appeared to be the musical versions.
I also liked this family's method of displaying their name.
Although I have no idea how to pronounce it.
Wisconsin Dells is a holiday resort so it would have been nice to spend a bit of time here but we have another 83 miles to do tomorrow.
Today's Stats.
Mileage - 90
Climbing - 1200 feet (felt like more)
Time in Saddle - No idea but I started just after 7 and got to hotel about 4:45 so maybe close to 9 hours.
Average Speed - Who Cares!

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