Thursday, 29 July 2010

Day 39. Birch Run to Port Huron

Once again, when a day that looks easy on paper comes along, something happens to make it less easy than it might have been.  In this case a fairly strong Nor' Nor' Easterly.  On the positive side, it kept things nice and cool all day and because the terrain was fairly flat, it was still possible to keep up a reasonable speed. My first photo is a great example of how not to cycle on a 2 lane road (i.e.taking up the whole lane by cycling 3/4 abreast). 
Anyway, I was glad they had passed me and then wondered what I was supposed to do with one of these?
Perhaps it is a kind of animal timeshare!
I then found a thistle field, I suppose used to supply yesterday's Scottish town.
I discovered another truck field.

I was also able to confirm that some people's garages were almost as big as their whole house!

We really went from the sublime to the ridiculous in terms of road surface.  Some were perfect and others were like this!

As we entered Port Huron which borders Lake Huron, another of the Great Lakes, there were clear signs of affluence with some realy big lakeside properties on view.  These are my two contenders for 'House of the Day'. The first in the country and the second by the lake.
I went to have a quick peek at the beach and saw that someone had got some sticky letters and deliberately misspelt the signs. Hmmmm.
Off to Canada for a few days tomorrow so wish me luck getting out of and back into the USA.
Today's Stats.
Intended Mileage - 87
Actual Mileage - 90 (daydreaming and missed a turn!!)
Climbing - 800 feet
Time in Saddle -6 hrs 35 mins
Average Speed 13. 6 mph.

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