Sunday, 25 July 2010

Day 35 Fond Du Lac to Manitowoc

Just the 57 miles today so we loaded the van at 08:30 after breakfast at 07:30.  Last night was very entertaining as after our T shirt swap, I went back to the laundromat to dry my previously washed clothing to find that a death metal band or something similar was playing in the pool hall.  They were a bit loud but pretty good at what they did.
I would like to thank Tom Shaw from Utah, who has been with us between Sioux Falls and Manitowoc, for his kind donation for St Oswald's but despite that, I can take no responsibility for his lack of willpower which left him feeling a bit rough this morning!!!  He knew exactly what he was doing.
This is Tom on the right of the photo and he stuck with the big boys despite his brewer's yeast allergy.  The others are Skeeter on the left and Gerrard in the middle.   Impressive and thanks again Tom, you are a lovely guy!!!!!

It was pretty warm when we set off today and the team had done a great job of finding an alternative route to guide us out avoiding some roadworks. We had a flat start then climbed for about 5 miles and must have been in the religious belt as we passed through St Peter and Calvary.  I wasn't struck by lightning, surprisingly and continued to enjoy the Wisconsin countryside.  People here really take pride in their gardens and it was nice to see the neatly mowed lawns and garden art!

The Sag was in the town of Kiel where I couldn't see a canal but did find a bar where they know the best place to deal with the difficulties posed by everyday life!

I succumbed to a McDonalds which was beside the SAG and had an Angus burger with Swiss cheese and mushrooms (and a diet coke!!!!) and it was very very good.
I found a house where they had a novel way of using worn out jeans.
Check out the friendly dog at the back.  He was tied up but wagging his tail furiously.
We got into Manitowoc in good time and headed to Culver's, which is apparently famous in these here parts, for an ice cream.  Yours truly had a fudge pecan affair which was very nice indeed so between my McDonalds and that, I may not have been much in calorie debit by the end of the day.
Tomorrow is a rest day but involves a 4 hour ferry ride across Lake Michigan.

Today's Stats.
Mileage - 57
Climbing - 1350 feet (felt like more)
Time in Saddle - 4 hrs 35 mins
Average Speed - 12.6 mph
Cumulative Stat's For Week.
Mileage - 591
Climbing - 11900 feet.
Cumulative Stat's For Trip.
Mileage - 2580
Climbing - 79800 feet


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