Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Welches to Ka-Nee-Ta

That was a day that was.  We started on a massive uphill ascent from 1250 feet to 4000 feet over 13 miles. I was one of the first out the door at 06:30 but soon had a stream of stronger riders going past me and by the time I got to the SAG stop at the summit( 2 hrs 40 mins cycling), there were only a few people behind me. We passed around Mount Hood and the above photo gives some idea of what we encountered. There was time for the odd photo opportunity and an occasional stop was very welcome.
Of course, once we had reached the summit, we had an awesome downhill descent to about 2750 feet
before starting the climb all over againand again and again - you get the idea..

At some point during the ride, I passed through the 45th Parallel and by this time, the heat was a lot more  like the equator than the North Pole.

And there was even some historical education along the way!!!

After the second SAG stop (and there were still some riders beheind me Yaaaaaay!!!) I came upon the cute moment of the day, a stallion and mare guarding their foal in the middle of the road.  The good news is that they eventually went off into the nearby field

By this time it was getting seriously hot and my cycle computer was showing temperatures up to 103.   I don't think it was really as high as that but even the breeze on a 30 mph downhill ride was warm.  I finally got to our hotel after 7 hours in the saddle and having consumed about  7 pints of water and gatorade to find that the steepest gradient of the day was the road up to it.  Thanks a bunch.  'Only'  61 miles and 3350 feet of climbing tomorrow so the van is not being loaded till after 7am.
Today's stats
Distance - 65.3 miles
Time in saddle - 7 hours
Climbing - 5150 feet
Average Speed - 9.3 mph

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  1. Hi Ian good to see you are doing well we are thinking of you and I am loving the signs! My fav is NUTTER sums you up quite nicely! Love Chris and Kat