Monday, 14 June 2010

The End Of The Beginning

265 miles this week including some big hills en-route to Vindolanda and back.
Now, when I re-read my last post and I said that I did part of the Cyclone route backwards........... Just in case of any misunderstandings, I meant that I did the route in reverse. But of course, you all knew that, didn't you? We had a bit of a family get together on Sunday involving rain and a barbecue. Well, this is the Northeast after all. Many thanks to Ian who wafted the charcoal back into life. I was the only one drinking alcohol so I made up for the other 9 and felt a bit rough this a.m. I forced myself onto the saddle (so to speak) and did a brisk 25 miles, being overtaken by the obligatory pensioner on Berwick Hill Road, just to finish off my training by filling me with confidence. Bastard!
I then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the bike and putting new tyres on. Thanks to Mr Perry for the Spa Cycles video as I got the tyres on without resorting to tools. Nice one. The airline requires that I remove the pedals and could I hell get the bloody things off. Fortunately, that nice mechanic at the cycle shop said he would sort them for me tomorrow.
Due to the Pound's slide against the dollar, I have been forced to opt for a triple room on the trip due to the cost. Members of my family have suggested that I may be sharing with the American equivalents of Julian Clary and Dale Winton. Note to self - hide the udder cream!!!
So folks, that is it until next Monday. I seem to be suffering from a mixture of excitement and fear. Fingers crossed that the bike arrives in one piece and that those nice people at KLM think that I might be Suitable For Upgrade.
Bye for now.


  1. This is it, then. The big question.... Have I done enough training? You will soon find out!
    Good luck, Ian. Just sit back and enjoy it!
    Andy P.

  2. Just a quick word to wish you all the best for your mammoth trip. Eileen and I are both looking forward to tracking your progress, so all the very best to you and your fellow travellers. Dick and Eileen.