Monday, 28 June 2010

Ontario to Boise (Boisey)

Well, this profile looks like a lot of climbing but in fact, Boise is only about 625 feet higher than Ontario.  Of course, there are lots of ups and downs so the actual climbing is higher.  The scenery was quite nice but within a few minutes of leaving the hotel, we crossed from Oregon into Idaho. 

We passed through mainly lush farming areas which became increasingly more affluent looking as we got nearer to Boise and we passed some large ranches and a large golf course community.
Unfortunately, we had a headwind nearly all the way which slowed me down a great deal. At the SAG stopI came upon this rather nice retro style pick up truck
As I pulled into Boise, I did wonder where the real basin was to be found??
The headwind got stronger and the temperature rose showing over 100 on my computer.  Fortunately, Jim in one of the support vehicles was on hand to fill my bottles up with ice cold water. I even poured some down my back which kept me pretty cool for a while. Our hotel is really nice and we had an outdoor barbecue with steak and chicken which was excellent. We have a whole day off tomorrow so some of us will be going out in search of beer tonight.
Today's Stats:
Distance - 64 miles
Climbing - 1650 feet
Time in saddle - 5 hrs 58 mins
Average speed - 10.7 mph
Cumulative Stats -
Distance - 612 miles
Climbing - wait for it - 28350 feet.  Mt Everest is just over 29000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beer search 100% successsful.  While watching the weather channel, it has been reported that Boise had it's hottest day since records began with temperatures reaching 102.  There was a brief thunderstorm tonight and the temperature has dropped to a mere 78.  Night Night.


  1. Hi Ian, still enjoying the great road signs! Even if some of them are misleading! Well enjoy your rest day and then set your sights onm Everest!

  2. David loved the picture of the train and asked if you managed to get the engine number!! Enjoy your day off!