Thursday, 10 June 2010

Good, Bad and Very Very Sad

250 miles completed this week over 5 straight days including doing part of the Cyclone route backwards.  That is when I discovered that I had cycled up a couple of 1 in 6 gradients as I could see the sign when going the other way.  it was just as hilly in reverse though.  When I turned the corner at Scots Gap, I was hitting 26mph along the stretch to Morpeth which was rather satisfying.
I did the same route  a few days later but had no strength in my legs at all and really had to push myself to complete the circuit

Monday was a particularly sad day as I attended my Brother's Wife's funeral in Dundee.  Avril was taken from us with cancer so it makes my trip and attempt to raise money for my local hospice even more meaningful.

My case is mostly packed and I think I have everything I need so there will be one more update before I fly

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