Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Town Of Boise

Well, after breakfast and it being a day off, what did I do?  I got on my bloody bike and cycled around the park. Oh dearie me, I think I am developing an obsessive compulsive disorder!! I then cycled to the nearest bike shop which was about the size of a Tesco Extra!!  The very helpful staff there did a visual bike fit, turned my handlebar stem around so it was higher  and then allowed me to leave without charging a penny, (cent).  How impressive was that? More impressive perhaps was that I even offered to pay!!! So if you are ever in Boise, Idaho and you need your bike sorted, go to George's.  I did a lot of walking, bought  a stack of protein bars in WinCo (like Costco but food only), returned to the hotel and went walkabout again after declining a couple of lunch invitations because I had already had a tuna salad sandwich. I decided to go and have a look at the Boise Broncos football stadium and it is an impressive sight even if the pitch is a rather odd colour. 
There is lots of construction going on and I think that they are in the process of filling in the bit in the middle.  Because of the weather here it appears that a roof to keep out the rain is not a top priority.
On the way back I could not help but notice the Big Horn Brewery and, as it was getting a tad warm and humid, I remembered the words of our leader Mike Munk, 'Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate'. I did a swift right turn and found myself in the most magnificent bar and wished I had found it last night.  They had 10 beers on tap and they were all superb (just kidding)

The glass below is an American pint which is 18 fluid ounces so I had to have an upgrade to the 24 oz version just to prove my heritage. 

By the way, I was NOT the only person there but I feel confident in saying that I was most definitely the only Scotsman there.

The Boise 'Capitol' building is an impressive sight

And the local miscreants must be impressed (yeah, right!!) to be sentenced inside such an impressive court building.


Now it would be fair to say that my day off was probably slightly different from some of the other healthy people on the ride who came back from WinCo with fruit and looking very pleased  but I did enjoy watching Spain Vs Portugal whilst drinking the locally brewed Pale Ale and I thought it was a great match?
Breakfast is at 7 tomorrow and van loading is 8 as we have a mere 53 miles to cycle.  The really worrying bit is that we have not been provided with a route profile as this is a new way of getting there,( well,that's what they say) and the name of the destination is MOUNTAIN HOME. Be scared, be very very scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was almost taken to a fast food joint for an evening bite to eat but was kidnapped as I left the hotel and five of us went to the Basque area for some food.  I did not see a single lady wearing either basque or suspenders which was hugely disappointing but nonetheless we popped into a restaurant where I was delighted to discover they had Kobe meat on the menu.  For those of you who may not have experienced this, the cattle are fed on beer which I must say greatly enhances the flavour and also ensures there was little chance of any allergic reaction on my part!!!!!

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