Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tell Me Astoria

I am delighted to say that I and my bicycle arrived in Portland unscathed some after 11hrs 30 mins in the air and several hours of hanging about in Newcastle and Schiphol airports. I watched the baggage handlers at Newcastle gently place my bike in the hold so was much relieved by that. The Cyclists Touring Club big poly bag certainly did the trick. The 10hr flight from Schiphol by Delta was pretty good with leather seats and plenty of legroom. I was then picked up by my Cousin Moira and husband Roger and taken to Dallas where I was treated to the most glorious piece of steak. There might have been some wine and whisky involved as well!!! After 26hrs 30 mins of being awake I almost succumbed to sleep whilst in the middle of a conversation.

Their garden is a haven for wildlife as can be seen by the red squirrel.  Roger tells me that the reds chase the greys away which is most unusual

I also had a visit from another Cousin Jim Peden and his wife Marilyn whom I have not seen for 38 years and who live in L.A.  I did some cycling the next two mornings and today,(Sunday here), Roger drove me the 130 miles to Astoria where I did another 30 miles to the Pacific and back.  I think someone must have put a balloon under my jacket, honest!  Anyway, I made it back just in time for the day's input by the ABB team and to meet my roomie, Ken Daub.  I am please to say that he hasn't shown me his tickling stick yet!!
It was a very interesting input which lasted from 3pm to 7pm including dinner.  10pm bedtime tonight and up at 6am for packing the van and breakfast followed by 69 miles and 3000 feet of climbing.


  1. Good Luck Ian, Looking forward to following your progress.



  2. Good luck from all at number 33.