Sunday, 27 June 2010

Baker City to Ontario (Oregon, not Canada!!!)

Did I say that today was an easy day?  It certainly looked it on the profile above but that start and then the small spike in the middle meant we still had significant climbing to cope with.  We spent some time on the Interstate (Motorway) but it being a Sunday and a large hard shoulder meant there were no issues with traffic.
I saw a train that was so big it wouldn't fit in the viewfinder

And there were also some nice views though some were more attractive than others !!!

Today got pretty hot, in the 90's but my sunscreen seems to be doing it's job.  We are in a Holiday Inn tonight which is very comfortable and I am looking forward to a much easier day tomorrow of only about 60 miles and 1600 feet of climbing which should mean an early arrival before getting a day's rest.
Today's stats:
Mileage - 83.5
Climbing - 2100 feet 
Time in saddle - 6hrs 50 mins
Average Speed - 12.25mph
I discovered these photos a bit late .  A couple of bikers pulled in late on in Baker City and I was very impressed by the bike's trailer.

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