Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hot Cold and Wet

Isn't spring in the UK wonderful?  272 miles completed this week in 5 days out of 7.  Despite a number of social events, which included 6 pints and a Southern Curried Chicken on Saturday, my weight continues to reduce and I have lost 17lbs since we bought a new set of scales some weeks ago.  In fact I am getting in to several pairs of trousers (my own!) which have been hanging in the spare wardrobe waiting for them to expand or me to shrink.  Once again, the Met Office let me down by forecasting a dreadful day on Wednesday which led to me fitting Ikea wardrobes (all day!) and there was not a drop of rain.  I suspect I burned off as many calories as a cycle ride by the time I was finished with them however.  My biggest day was on Monday when I cycled to Tynemouth and accompanied my (fit) nephew underneath the Tyne, up Nursery Lane at Felling and down Hadrians Way as far as Prudhoe before returning, a total of 77 miles.  If his cycle computer is totally accurate, I have underestimated my speed and distance by 1-2%.
This morning is a bit damp with more to come so hopefully I will get back out this afternoon 
I thought I had better practice with uploading photos so here is a picture of my bike on the Forth Road bridge last year when I cycled to St Andrews.
 And me after my 77 miles.

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  1. Well done Ian, and you are still smiling! Top mileage, 272 miles in 5 days is good going, no wonder your loosing weight. I've backed right off cycling now, did a couple of lake district peaks last week and one 35mile ride. Now getting my kit together and trying not to worry about how i'm going to carry it all! Good luck with the rest of your training,