Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ka-Nee-Ta to Prineville

Well, once again, no shortage of climbing today.  Although it was just a bit more than the 1st two days, there were none of the huge descents to make up for the climbs so average speed was down.  We were travelling through what the locals call 'desert' which is more like scrub and the shoulder was quite narrow so it was just as well that the traffic was light.

It got pretty hot out there but the vans were deployed well with regular supplies of ice cold water which was very welcome.  Of more concern from yesterday was the occupants of a black vehicle throwing a bottle of water at me (missed, ya, boo, sucks!!!) and throwing something else at another rider.  Additionally, one cyclist had a bunch of drunk Indians shouting abuse at him from a van.  Just as well they had their bows and arrows confiscated.  None of us managed to get reg numbers so not a lot could be done and thankfully there were no such incidents today.  No funny signs to be seen unfortunately but I will keep looking out for them.
We are very much in cowboy country and unfortunately, all the channels play their favourite music.
A big day tomorrow with van loading at 05:30 so an early one tonight.
Todays Stats.
Mileage - 60.3
Climbing - 3350 feet
Time in saddle - 6 hrs 10 mins
Average speed  - 10 mph (nearly)
I am pleased to report that the udder cream is working well but I am still having to apply it myself!!!!!

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  1. Go Sweaty Go!

    We are all following you with interest and great admiration.

    Keep up with the blogs and the deoderant!