Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Day 50. Manchester to Portsmouth

I was up with the larks and off to ensure that I got to the bakery at 37.3 miles in time for a coffee and pastry.
We started the day with a nice climb out of Manchester.

 We were looking forward to meeting up at Rye Junior High School after that and then being escorted by the police en-mass to the beach at Wallace Sands to complete our journey.  I got to the SAG at 28.4, just ahead of a group of riders who were quickly catching me and then set off shortly after that for a cappucino.
I was really enjoying the terrain and the nice properties.  House of the day coming up.
I tried this but it didn't work.  I'm not sure what I was expecting but I think I will get one for home and see if I can increase my income a bit!

The price of everything is going up!

Anyway, I got to the bakers and was waiting for my coffee when I saw this sign and wondered how on earth they managed to sell the stuff!  Surely they should be encouraging people to bring a bag???

I didn't bother with any European bread and set off with time to spare for the school.  We all assembled and took some pictures. Andrew and I have agreed world peace between England and Scotland.

While Gerrard and I have agreed to raise a glass to each other when we get home.
I have had an 'Isle of Jura Superstition malt' followed by some 'Killermans Run' shiraz

Don and I have agreed that he should stop eating bread!
Well, he might not remember that!

And here we all are together.

The local Constabulary turned up and off we went in a long slow procession.
I doubt that Rick has ever cycled this slowly before (since 2007 anyway)!!

And there is Ellen leading the way with Helen and Dereka.

It was a wonderful and emotional experience and we were cheered through the beach car park by the assembled masses.  I had to keep my dark glasses on! One lady, who was not related to any of the cyclists,  actually came up and shook my hand, offering congratulations on this achievement.
And now down to the serious business!

Yes, my feet are in the Atlantic! Everyone else was at it as well.

Then, after young Matt had the job of pouring the previously collected Pacific sea water into the Atlantic formally signifying the end of the journey, we made our way to the hotel.  I was one of the early ones for a change and was happy to help with the final luggage unload. (Imagine having to do this every day for 50 days!!)

After bike dismantling/showering etc, I had a bit of free time so found a cold beer nearby and then met up with the others for a |Mexican meal.  Thanks to Bill and Mrs Bibler for the lift.  Here is Don with a wicked glint in his eye. I wonder if he is contemplating biting the lime!!!  Dan is on the phone again!!

After a very good sirloin burrito and a couple of glasses of something or other, some of us may have gone for more beer at a local bar.  There's a surprise now. 
Today's Stats.
Mileage - 60 
Climbing - Who Cares
Average Speed - Not Relevant
Pints of Sam Adam's Summer Ale Consumed - quite a lot!

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