Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Day 45 Henrietta to Liverpool

Today was the longest day in terms of mileage left. We were able to load from 6am and I was close to the front of the queue.   I had a very quick breakfast in the hotel, declining the option of going to McDonalds and instead relying on my chewy bars to get me to the first SAG stop at 37 miles.  At 6 miles, we entered the Erie Canalway Trail and stayed on that until 26 miles.  It was a pretty busy area with other cyclists, joggers and even two 8 scull boats having a race.
There was some cute wildlife there and they were obviously well used to humans feeding them judging by how close they got.
I enjoyed this welding firm's efforts to advertise their capabilities!

I wondered if anyone would be interested in this truck?  Not quite as attractive as yesterday's!

I had just cycled through Weedstown and wondered how it had got it's name.  Perhaps the mystery has been solved!

And I particularly enjoyed their sense of humour.

Night Snoopy!!!
The afternoon became very very humid and while I didn't find it affected me too much, mainly because of a cool breeze, some cyclists were badly leaking water.  There was broadly the same amount of climbing as yesterday and I still felt strong, continuing to stand on the pedals like yesterday which hopefully bodes well for the two big climbing days still to come.
Today's Stats.
Mileage - 94
Climbing - 1600 feet
Time in Saddle - 7 hrs 23 mins
Average Speed - 12.7 mph

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