Sunday, 1 August 2010

Day 42. Brantford to Niagara.

I gave the official breakfast a wide berth this morning after picking up some food at a local store last night.  I wanted to get to Niagara as quickly as I could to make the most of having a proper day off.
Here is yesterday's 'house of the day'
The Live bait dispenser!

And some amusing garden art from Brantford.

I was out onto the road by 06:50 and soon realised that I was closer to home than I had first thought.

I liked this sign outside someone's home.

And I wondered what these would taste like?

We had the SAG at about the half way point but after that, the wind picked up and most of the rest of the journey was spent battling a head wind. Once we arrived in Niagara it was all worth it however.

We then had to cross the bridge to get back into the USA and after a few simple questions, I was allowed in. Phew.

The hotel was just around the corner so I went and had a shower and got changed before eventually discovering that the hotel had a good bar.  One or two others hadn't waited as long by the looks of things!!!

I had a bit of a wander around later and discovered that Niagara has a rather large casino.

Fireworks display tonight so I am looking forward to that as well as a day off the saddle tomorrow!!
Today's stats.
Mileage - 72
Climbing - 1400 feet
Time in saddle - 6 hrs 20 mins
Average Speed - 11.4 mph

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