Sunday, 8 August 2010

Brattleboro to Manchester

No blog tonight dure to  banquet! Will catch up after returning home.
Well, here I am!
After 1 mile I reached the New Hampshire State line on my own as I had organised an early start .
I got to the SAG first, creating a new record of 35.6 miles before being overtaken.
I wasn't quite sure what was going on here?

And here is my house of the day.

And I was very curious as to how this mountain got it's name?

I hope the owner of this sign wasn't referring to me or they'll be sadly disappointed.

I have to say that this was a very challenging day but Joe English Rd  was some hill.  They must have hated him to name the hill after him.  The good bit was that despite it's length and steepness (17% + gradient), I managed to get to the top without stopping.
Here's one for the OSPRE team.

Some of us went for a beer and I was disappointed not to be able to buy any of their golfing apparel due to them being sold out.

And I didn't have my suit with me!

Here are the staff prior to the banquet looking happy to be about to be rid of us!

And then to the banquet and a jolly good time was had by all.
I will post my poem later. 
Mileage - 79
Climbing - 5000 feet
Time in Saddle - 7 hrs 30 mins
Average Speed - 10.5 mph

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