Thursday, 5 August 2010

Day 46. Liverpool to Little Falls

This morning we were told that there was 30% chance of rain.  There were no Scousers about early in the morning to pinch my bike but within about 10 minutes of leaving the hotel,  I discovered that the weather forecast in this area was as accurate as the UK and there was in fact 100% chance of rain, heavy rain at that!  It then persisted down for about 2 hours and 30 mins, at one point being so heavy that several of us took shelter under a large tree. Fortunately, the precipitation let up and off we went again.  Due to the damp, I had a shower cap over my cycle helmet , a shower cap covering my camera and a small ziplock bag over my cycle computer.  Unfortunately, I forgot to put my travelling dollars into anything waterproof but that is another story!  Fortunately, nobody else had their camera out to take a photograph of me as I must have looked a right t**. Nothing new there!
Eventually things got drier and I began to get concerned that the weather conditions might get worse after seeing a vehicle with a snow plough on one driveway and this on another!(For any USA citizens reading this, it is plough, not plow, OK?).
I can't begin to imagine how severe weather conditions must be in winter to need a Ski-doo to get about!
As we got closer to our destination, there were opportunities to engage in some directorial practice!

Live models eh? Unfortunately, I was going downhill at the time so there was no chance of me stopping!!!
I began to think that I had gone too far when I saw this sign from a distance but then remembered that there was a bit of an ocean to cross and the spelling was a tad inaccurate!

I was still going downhill when I saw this emporium.

Self Serve eh?
I was feeling a bit peckish as I passed here but really couldn't decide between the Hamburg and the Mexicans. I really don't think I could manage a whole one!

Just how does one choose??????
Today's Stats.
Mileage - 78.2
Climbing - 1610 feet
Time in Saddle - 6 hrs 1 min
Average Speed - 13 mph

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  1. I remember Little Falls on the CCC, It's a lie - Lots Falls is a better name. We got pwt as well. The only good things about that day is that the rain is warm (ish) and there's a very good launderette just across the road from the hotel. New England is well named. It's just a shame that the weather goes Eastern Atlantic for the last four or five days. Keep smiling, Ian. Just think of the single malts you can have on the plane.