Monday, 2 August 2010

Day 43. Rest Day. Niagara Falls

Last nights visit to the fireworks display was worthwhile so I thought it would be nice to let you share some of it.  Thanks to Dave for the guided tour
I had a nice lie in till 8.45 then Don and I did the 4 mile return jorney to the launderette on foot.  Fortunately, there was an excellent Italian deli next door and we shared a superb sub which must have weighed the best part of 2lbs!
After that, we walked back into Canada to get the best view of the Falls.

As we crossed the Rainbow bridge, I caught sight of these two marvellously restored old cars.

The first is apparently an 1940 Ford and the second a very rare 1941 Willys
Here is me completely ruining an image of the American Falls!

And here is Niagara's version of Seattle's Space Needle.

If you haven't seen Niagara's Horseshoe Falls in the flesh, the next video clip and photographs will give you some idea of what it is like.

No, the Maid of the Mist is not being swamped, it is just the camera angle!
I was very impressed by the size of these hostas

And I have absolutely no idea what is going on here???

Anyway, a good day off and clean laundry to boot.
Today's Stats.
Mileage - Estimate 10
Time Spent Walking - 6 hours
Average Speed - 1.66 mph.

Average Speed -

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