Friday, 6 August 2010

Day 47. Little Falls to Latham

Today was a bonus as what was an expected 84 mile journey, turned into 74 miles, helping to make up for the extra 15 we did previously.  The forecast was sunshine, reasonable temperatures, low humidity and a West wind.  Against all the odds, the forecast was correct!
We started with several biggish climbs early on but the corresponding descents more than made up for the slow stuff and I was delighted to get to the first SAG having averaged over 13 mph over the 34 miles.  I celebrated with a delicious ice cream from the nearby store.  I saw some real American history when I passed this church built in 1769.
I then came upon some Amish people who were driving their horse and carriage and saw several others in the area.
I was even fast enough to overtake them!!!
I figured this must be a pretty quiet part of New York State judging by the size of the local police station.
We then spent some time on a superb tarmac cycle path which took us along the side of the Mowhawk River.
And then past the baseball field where Babe Ruth began his career.
I then took my 900th picture of the trip when I met this cyclist on his rather unusual bicycle coming the other way.
I can't believe that can be stable in windy conditions!!
Today's Stats.
Mileage - 74.4
Climbing - 2100 feet
Time in Saddle - 5hrs 35 mins
Average Speed - 13.2 mph

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