Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ian's 'Not Cycling Across America' Blog Day 1

I decided that I needed to lose the weight I have gained and what better way to do it but to cycle lots and not eat so much. My plan is do cover at least 50% of the daily mileage on AAN, weather permitting. If it is pouring with rain, I will not be going out because I don't have to!!!.
 Today, (Monday 20th), I had to deliver a small porcelain figure to a business partner in Ashington so I cycled there via Stannington, Stannington Station and Bedlington till I reached some cycle paths. I returned via Blyth Beach where I stopped for a coffee and sat in the sun for a few minutes. I then went South to Seaton Sluice and turned for home going through Seaton Deleval and Seghill. 38 miles in all, with the wind at my back on the final leg which is most unusual.
It wasn't till later and reading all the ABBers emails, particularly Margot's respons,e that I thought I could do an alternative blog. I will take my camera with me on future outings and give you a taste of Newcastle and its surrounding area, Northumberland and maybe some of Scotland as well. That's my Summer sorted!!!

AAN Mileage - 69
Ian's Mileage - 38
Spokes Broken - 0

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