Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ian's 'Not Cycling Across America 2011' Blog

Well, I kind of wish that I was but then when I think of some of those climbs, maybe not. It would be nice to recreate the camaraderie though.
I am not sure that training for it would have been easy this year with the poor weather conditions and of course, the event of the year for me, my daughter Kathryn's wedding which was on 29th May came at what would have been peak training time.

Here are a few snaps to start things off.

This is us coming down the stairs for the ceremony.
Phew! Made it without falling over.

The train was on time. Do you think there is a bit of a resemblance to the gent in the red jacket??

He is a lucky young man.

Proud parents and sister.

2 Best Men, 3 Ushers and 5 Bridesmaids!!

A fantastic comedy routine by the Best Men and Ushers

Followed by an hilarious episode of 'Mr and Mrs' with Chris and Kathryn in crown and tiara in memory of the recent Royal wedding
Cutting the cake.

Then dancing the night away.

I think Lorna enjoyed herself!


  1. Ian, I hope your speech was as poetic and wonderful as the presentation you made at our end of ride banquet last year.

    Congratulations and good luck on the not-bike-ride across America.


  2. What a beautiful daughter! Our youngest gets married on August 6th-- lots of bits and pieces involved but she is handling most of it. We just pipe in the money (fortunately she is frugal!).